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2015 American Working Conditions Survey: First Findings

In this report we present preliminary findings from the 2015 American Working Conditions Survey (AWCS), a new nationally representative survey of U.S. workers ages 18-71. We find that older workers (older than 50) are less likely than younger workers to…

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The Effect of Social Security Information on the Labor Supply and Savings of Older Americans

This paper examines how older workers adjust their labor supply in response to information they receive about their retirement wealth from the provision of the Social Security Statement. We find that older male workers’ labor supply is highly responsive to…

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Productivity Growth and Interest Rate Trends: A Long-Run Analysis

  • June 14, 2018
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This paper develops a new measure of after-tax rate of return on aggregate wealth and uses it in estimating the structural relationship between the long-run interest rate and productivity growth rate. The structural approach allows use of parameter estimates in…

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Long-term Individual and Population Consequences of Early-life Access to Health Insurance

Gaining access to health insurance in childhood has been associated with improved childhood health and educational attainment. Expansions in health insurance access have steadily lowered the rates of uninsured children and may have long term consequences for adult health and…

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Older People’s Willingness to Delay Social Security Claiming

We designed and fielded an experimental module in the 2014 HRS which seeks to measure older persons’ willingness to voluntarily defer claiming of Social Security benefits. In addition we evaluate the stated willingness of older individuals to work longer, depending…

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