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Understanding Job Transitions and Retirement Expectations Using Stated Preferences for Job Characteristics

WP 2019-396, UM17-08

As the population ages in the United States and other countries, encouraging older individuals to work would help counter increasing dependency ratios and improve national economic outcomes. Extending working lives is likely not simply a function of improving monetary incentives.…

Understanding Job Transitions and Retirement Expectations Using Stated Preferences for Job Characteristics

rb396, UM17-08


Social Security Coverage around the World: The Case of China and Mexico

WP 2018-395, UM18-Q1

We describe the current state and recent trends in the landscape of social security programs in China, Mexico, and India. A common thread across these countries is the introduction and recent expansion of old-age pension programs with noncontributory components. We…

Investigating the Difference in Mortality Estimates between the Social Security Administration Trustees’ Report and the Human Mortality Database

WP 2018-394, UM18-01

This study’s goal was to determine whether differences in data or differences in methods explain the divergence between the mortality estimates at ages 65 and older of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Human Mortality Database (HMD). These differences,…

Is the Affordable Care Act Affecting Retirement Yet?

WP 2018-393, UM18-04

We analyze whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has affected labor supply of older Americans using data that span more than four years after the policy’s implementation in 2014. We find no changes in labor supply of older Americans either…

Feasibility and Reliability of Automated Coding of Occupation in the Health and Retirement Study

WP 2018-392, UM18-06

Due to advances in computing power and the increase in coverage of longitudinal datasets in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) that provide information about detailed occupations, demand has increased among researchers for improved occupation and industry data. The detailed…

How Well Can Medicare Records Identify Seniors with Cognitive Impairment Needing Assistance with Financial Management?

WP 2018-391, UM18-03

Aging countries should have an interest in policies to assist older beneficiaries in managing finances when there is a need. This project investigated the value of Medicare records as a guide to identifying persons with cognitive impairment in need of…

Relative Sizes of Age Cohorts and Labor Force Participation of Older Workers

WP 2018-390, UM18-08

We study the effects of the size of older cohorts on labor force participation (LFP) and wages of older workers. In the standard relative supply framework usually applied to relative cohort size, we would expect larger older cohorts to experience…

Local Economic Hardship and Its Role in Life Expectancy Trends

WP 2018-389, UM18-07

Recent research has found, in some groups of Americans, dramatic increases in deaths due to drug overdose and suicide and an overall stagnation of trends toward increased longevity. This study examines the link between mortality of older working age (45…

Addition to the RAND HRS Longitudinal Files: IRA Withdrawals in the HRS, 2000 to 2014

WP 2018-388, UM18-Q3

In support of research on the older population, we produced cleaned variables based on data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to capture information on withdrawals from individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Where necessary, imputations for missing values have been…