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Explanations for the Decline in Spending at Older Ages

WP 2022-440 , UM21-10
We use new data from the 2019 wave of the Consumption and Activities Mail Survey to help interpret the observed decline in spending as individuals age. At one extreme, forward-looking individuals optimally chose the decline; at the other, myopic individuals…

How Redistributive Are Public Health Care Schemes? Evidence from Medicare and Medicaid in Old Age

WP 2022-441 , UM20-10
Most health care for the U.S. population 65 and older is publicly provided through Medicare and Medicaid. Despite the massive expenditures of these systems, little is known about how redistributive they are. Using data from the Health and Retirement Study…

Investigating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Provision of Workplace Accommodations in the U.S.

WP 2022-442 , UM22-15
This study used data from a nationally representative survey that follows people 50 and older over time (the Health and Retirement Study) to test whether the receipt of workplace accommodations by persons with work limitations varies by race/ethnicity. Workplace accommodations…

The Ongoing Impacts of COVID-19 on Americans’ Economic Security

WP 2022-443 , UM22-17
The COVID-19 pandemic has had enormous effects on the U.S. economy. We use longitudinal survey data from a nationally representative Internet panel, the Understanding America Study, to examine the impacts of the pandemic, and policy responses, on Americans’ financial stability…

The Redesigned Social Security Statement’s Short-Term Impacts on Near Retirees

WP 2022-444 , UM22-Q3
In October 2021, the Social Security Administration (SSA) implemented a redesigned Social Security Statement for workers scheduled to be sent a paper Statement or checking their my Social Security online accounts. The new statement is half the length of the…

Understanding Racial Disparities in Financial Preparedness for Retirement

WP 2022-445 , UM22-18
We estimate a model of labor supply and savings over the life cycle where key parameters — including the interest rate, the degree of risk aversion and the fixed cost of working, and the stochastic processes of health, mortality, and…

The Alignment of Household Preferences and Financial Decisions Leading up to Retirement

WP 2022-446 , UM19-10
We report on research that links survey and administrative data to investigate how within-couple differences in preferences and financial decision-making abilities affect household finances. We study whether within-household differences in preferences or financial decision-making abilities influence household choices and, thus,…

Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 on Economic and Retirement Security

WP 2022-447 , UM22-08
The COVID-19 pandemic had severe impacts on the U.S. labor market with particularly large effects on working women. We use longitudinal survey data from a nationally representative internet panel to (1) document the pandemic’s gendered effects on employment and short-term…

The Role of Physical, Cognitive, and Interpersonal Occupational Requirements and Working Conditions on Disability and Retirement

WP 2022-448 , UM22-04
We examine of the role of physical and mental job requirements, as well as hazardous working conditions, on retirement and disability among older individuals in the United States. By linking occupation-level data on job requirements from the Occupational Requirements Survey…


Public Pension Design and Household Retirement Decisions: A Comparison of the United States and Germany

WP 2021-417 , UM19-13
Social Security provides retirement benefits to age-eligible workers and their spouses. Benefits are permanently increased if initial receipt is delayed. For benefits paid to spouses, these incentives reflect a complex interaction of the worker’s and spouse’s earnings histories, benefit claiming…
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