Understanding Job Transitions and Retirement Expectations Using Stated Preferences for Job Characteristics

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Social Security Coverage around the World: The Case of China and Mexico

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Investigating the Difference in Mortality Estimates between the Social Security Administration Trustees’ Report and the Human Mortality Database

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Is the Affordable Care Act Affecting Retirement Yet?

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Feasibility and Reliability of Automated Coding of Occupation in the Health and Retirement Study

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Relative Sizes of Age Cohorts and Labor Force Participation of Older Workers

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Local Economic Hardship and Its Role in Life Expectancy Trends

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Addition to the RAND HRS Longitudinal Files: IRA Withdrawals in the HRS, 2000 to 2014

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Assessing Economic Resources in Retirement: The Role of Irregular Withdrawals from Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts

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Addressing Social Security’s Solvency While Promoting High Labor Force Participation

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