Nursing Homes in Equilibrium: Implications for Long-term Care Policies

WP 2020-414 , UM20-13
We build an equilibrium model of the market for nursing home care with decision-makers on both sides of the market. The nursing home demand arises as a result of stochastic dynamic optimizations by households heterogeneous in age, health, wealth; and…

The Changing Nature of Work

WP 2020-415 , UM20-03
We provide new evidence on the changing nature of work and its influence on individuals’ capacity to work by linking historical measures of occupational job demands with harmonized data on individual abilities from a unique survey conducted in the RAND…

Social Security Wealth, Inequality, and Life-cycle Saving: An Update

WP 2020-416 , UM20-16
Social Security wealth (SSW) is the present value of future benefits an individual will receive less the present value of future taxes they will pay. When an individual enters the labor force, they generally face a lifetime of taxes to…
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