The Role of Physical Job Demands and the Physical Work Environment in Retirement Outcomes

WP 2021-437 , UM21-05
We provide new evidence on the role of physical job demands and the physical work environment on retirement outcomes by linking occupation-level data on job requirements from the Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS) to individual-level data from the Health and Retirement…

Work Capacity Assessments for Disability Benefit Determinations: An International Comparison

WP 2021-438 , UM21-03
Disability protection programs constitute a critical safety net for individuals unable to work due to disabling health conditions. Yet countries differ along a number of dimensions in terms of how their social safety nets assist people with disabilities. Learning from…

Heterogeneity in Self-Employment and the Transition to Retirement among Older Adults in the United States

rb423 , UM21-14
The fraction of workers who are self-employed increases with age, but the types of self-employment that older workers do and the effects of this work on their well-being is not well understood. This project examines such heterogeneity by considering how…

Workplace Injuries and Receipt of Benefits from Workers Compensation and SSDI*

rb424 , UM21-16
We use data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) and matched Social Security Administration (SSA) data to study two questions. First, we examine evidence on whether workers who suffer permanently disabling injuries covered by workers’ compensation (WC) subsequently end…

Auto-Enrollment Retirement Plans in OregonSaves

rb425 , UM19-03
Oregon recently launched an automatic-enrollment retirement savings program for private sector workers lacking access to other workplace retirement plans. We analyze participation choices, account balances, and inflow/outflow data using administrative records between August 2018 and April 2020. Within the small-…

The Early Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Americans’ Economic Security

rb426 , UM21-11
The COVID-19 pandemic has had enormous effects on the U.S. economy and may have had serious negative repercussions for many Americans’ financial stability. We use longitudinal survey data from a nationally representative internet panel, the Understanding America Study, to examine…
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