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How Do Long-Run Financial Planning Expectations and Decisions Respond to Short-Run Fluctuations in Financial Markets?

While media reports predicted substantial changes in labor supply behavior due to the sharp decline in the value of the stock market in October 2008, empirical evidence on the relationship between equity markets and retirement is mixed. We use panel…

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Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy at the Household Level

Pensions and Social Security together account for half the wealth of those approaching retirement age. Thus one would expect knowledge of pensions and Social Security to play a central role in shaping the financial decisions made by those in their…

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What is the Impact of Foreclosures on Retirement Security?

Using data from several sources, we show that households nearing retirement have lower rates of housing distress than younger households do, as measured by arrears and foreclosure rates. However, almost all of their housing wealth gains observed for cohorts aged…

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Reconciling Findings on the Employment Effect of Disability Insurance

Over the last 25 years the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (DI) has grown dramatically. During the same period of time employment rates for men with work limitations showed substantial declines in both absolute and relative terms. While the timing…

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Adjustment Costs, Firm Responses, and Labor Supply Elasticities: Evidence from Danish Tax Records

We show that the effects of taxes on labor supply are shaped by interactions between adjustment costs for workers and hours constraints set by firms. We develop a model in which firms post job offers characterized by an hours requirement…

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Age Differences in Job Loss, Job Search, and Reemployment

This study uses recent data to examine how the incidence and consequences of job loss varies by age. Models measure the likelihood that workers lose their jobs and the likelihood that displaced workers become reemployed. We also compare earnings and…

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