Can you tell me if my research fits into MRDRC’s research priorities?

Our funder, the Social Security Administration, has the final say in this question, so not really. We can tell you that your research must closely align with MRDRC’s research priorities. Please read through those and decide if you think your project would fit.

Can I find out if I received MRDRC funding before I apply to my workshop/session of interest?

Some of the workshops and sessions have competitive admissions (see their individual websites for more information). Therefore applicants must apply to their program of interest before or at the same time as they apply for funding and before MRDRC announces funding decisions. Once the programs determine whom they’ve admitted, MRDRC can confirm funding awards. We realize this may not be ideal from an applicant’s standpoint, but all programs offer full refunds if you choose to cancel (in a timely manner) because you didn’t receive funding. The sessions regularly fill their seats: Funding applicants who have waited to apply to their session of interest have been shut out in past years.

Can I receive funding if I am a) a researcher/professor at a non-U.S. institution and/or b) a foreign national?

If you are at a non-U.S. institution and the workshop/session you are interested in offers a remote option, you are welcome to apply for tuition-only funding. MRDRC does not have a nationality requirement, so foreign nationals are welcome to apply.