Michael S. Rendall

Michael S. Rendall obtained his PhD in Sociology in May 1993 at Brown University. He is a professor in the Department of Sociology at University of Maryland, College Park. He is associate director of the Maryland Population Research Center and also adjunct researcher at the RAND Corporation. His methodological work has included evaluation of data quality in fertility, family structure, and international migration; elderly poverty measurement; new statistical methods for combining survey and population data; and new methods for the simulation of cohort lifetimes and population dynamics. His theoretical work has included exploration of relationships of socio-economic inequality and social policy to fertility, household structure, and migration. His current research topics include migration between Mexico and the United States over the 1990s and 2000s, migration and social-demographic outcomes of New Orleanians following Hurricane Katrina, and modeling the development of obesity across U.S. childhoods. His publications include articles in the following journals: Demography, Population and Development Review, International Migration Review, Statistical Methods and Applications, and Population Trends.