2023 Annual RDRC Meeting

Thursday, August 3, and Friday, August 4, 2023

MRDRC hosted the 25th Annual Retirement and Disability Research Consortium (RDRC), Thursday, August 3, and Friday, August 4.

The half-day programs featured the latest SSA-funded research on benefit receipt, SSDI and SSI application trends, retirement and disability disparities, and more, presented by researchers from MRDRC, National Bureau of Economic Research, Boston College, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Links to video of the panels are below. Links to panel papers and slides, when permitted by the researchers, will be available soon.

The meeting book contains conference papers, a schedule, and information about the RDRC.

Introduction and opening remarks

Video of Dr. Laitner’s introduction | Video of Acting Commissioner Dr. Kilolo Kajikazi’s opening remarks

Panel 1: Disparities by Race and Ethnicity

Moderator: Malcolm Williams (RAND)

“Social Security Policy Design and Racial Wealth Disparities – Baseline Results” (WI23-09)
Presenter: Samuel L. Myers Jr. (Minnesota)

“Who Benefits from Retirement Saving Incentives in the U.S.? Evidence on Racial Gaps in Retirement Wealth Accumulation” (UM23-01)
Presenter: Cormac O’Dea

“Disparities by Race and Gender in SS(D)I Applications and Awards” (WI23-02)
Presenter: Yang Wang (UW-Madison)

Panel 1 Video

Panel 2: Decline in SSDI and SSI Applications

Moderator: Jeffrey Hemmeter (Social Security Administration)

“What Factors Explain the Drop in Disability Insurance Rolls from 2015 to 2019? (BC23-14)
Presenter: Laura D. Quinby (Boston College)

“Mixed-methods Study on Work-disabled Adults Who Do Not Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits” (UM23-08)
Presenter: Lila Rabinovich (University of Southern California)

“Racial and Ethnic Differences in Job Characteristics and Disability Retirement” (UM23-06)
Presenter: Dawn Carr (Florida State)

Panel 2 Video

Panel 3: Improving Communication and Outreach

Moderator: Denise Hoffman (Mathematica)

“Analyzing SSA Communication, Outreach and Service Delivery in a Laboratory of State Pension Fund Members: Comparisons of Best Practices for ASRS and SSA, Pre- and Post-Pandemic” (WI23-15)
Presenter: Dennis Hoffman (Arizona State)

“Utilizing Online Services to Proactively Support Beneficiaries in Underserved Communities” (NB23-12)
Presenter: Dayo Oyeleye (Bowie State)

“Understanding the Social Security Communication Needs of Hispanics with Limited English Language Proficiency” (UM23-09)
Presenter: Francisco Perez-Arce* (University of Southern California)

Panel 3 Video

Keynote Address

William A. Darity, Jr.,

Samuel DuBois Cook Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Economics, African and African American Studies, Duke University

Keynote Address

Panel 4: Economic Security of SSA Beneficiaries

Moderator: Olivia S. Mitchell (University of Pennsylvania)

“Measuring Economic Security Using Linked Consumer Expenditure and Administrative Data” (NB23-05)
Presenter: Bruce D. Meyer (University of Chicago)

“Medical Spending Risk among Retirees by Race” (UM23-02)
Presenter: Eric French* (University of Cambridge)

“Improving Financial Security for People with Disabilities through ABLE Accounts” (WI23-10)
Presenter: Guglielmo Briscese (University of Chicago)

Panel 4 Video

Panel 5: Improving Service Delivery

Moderator: Robert Weathers (Social Security Administration)

“Effects of Suspending In-person Services at SSA Field Offices on Disability Applications and Allowances” (BC23-05)
Presenter: Monica Farid (Mathematica)

“Using Online Tools to Improve SSA Service Delivery” (BC23-03)
Presenter: Jean-Pierre Aubry (Boston College)

“Understanding the Characteristics and Needs of Tribal Community Members for Social Security Delivery” (BC23-04)
Presenter: Jonathan Schwabish (Urban Institute)

Panel 5 Video

Panel 6: Informing Trust Fund Projections

Moderator: John Sabelhaus (The Brookings Institution)

“The Effect of US COVID-19 Excess Mortality on Social Security Outlays” (NB23-02)
Presenter: Hanke Heun-Johnson (University of Southern California)

“How Eliminating Structural Disadvantages for Black Workers Could Affect Retirement Security and Trust Fund Balances” (BC22-06)
Presenter: Karen E. Smith (Urban Institute)

“Understanding the Closing of Racial Mortality Gaps” (NB23-10)
Presenter: Ines Guix Sauquet (University of Southern California-San Francisco)

Panel 6 Video

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