Dmitriy Stolyarov

MRDRC Director & Associate Professor of Economics, University of Michigan
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Dmitriy Stolyarov is an associate professor of economics  at the University of Michigan.

Stolyarov also heads the Life-Cycle Economics Department at the Institute for Social Research. He pursues a tridirectional research program in macroeconomics analyzing policy-relevant consequences of population aging, technological change, and propagation mechanisms for income inequality. His current research interests are in the following topic areas: consumption and saving after retirement, retirement timing, durable goods subject to technological change, impact of technological change on capital markets, and income and wealth inequality.

John P. Laitner

MRDRC Scientific Advisor & Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Michigan
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John Laitner (PhD in economics, Harvard) is the scientific advisor for the University of Michigan Retirement and Disability Research Center (MRDRC), emeritus research professor at the Institute for Social Research, and emeritus professor of economics at the University of Michigan. Previously, he served as MRDRC’s director. His research interest focuses on macroeconomic theory, long-run growth, and public policy. He has worked with theoretical and empirical models of life-cycle saving and private intergenerational transfers, human capital accumulation and education, technological change, and the national distribution of wealth.

Susan Barnes

External Relations Manager
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Cheri Brooks

Center Administrator
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