Michael Greenwood


Michael Greenwood holds a 1967 Ph.D. in economics from Northwestern University. He is presently Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He served as Director of the Center for Economic Analysis for 17 years (1981-1998). He has over 30 years of experience conducting research concerned with U.S. internal migration and over 20 years of experience studying various issues involving U.S. immigration. His work on U.S. immigration includes four major surveys on the economic consequences of U.S. immigration. One of these surveys was prepared for the Interagency Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy, one was published in the Journal of Economic Literature, one was prepared for the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor, and one was recently prepared for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Greenwood has also extensively studied and published on U.S. and Canadian immigration policy. He served on the Rand Corporation-Urban Institute Technical Advisory Committee to the Study of the Consequences of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and he also served on the United States Commission for Immigration Reform–Bi-national Mexico-United States Migration Study. He has been President of both the North American Regional Science Association (1993-94) and the Western Regional Science Association (1990-91).