Beth Asch

Beth J. Asch (Ph.D., Economics, University of Chicago, 1984) is a Senior Economist at RAND and has led numerous projects that analyze the retirement and retention effects of the federal retirement systems including the Civil Service Retirement System, the Federal Employees Retirement System, and the three military retirement systems. In 1999, she worked with the leadership in the Department of Defense to develop a new military pay and retirement package and testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Personnel Subcommittee regarding the likely effects of this package on military retirement and retention. Her research areas include military labor supply (e.g. recruiting, retention, and retirement), incentives in public organizations and personnel economics, and the economics of the military draft. Her research in defense manpower has been published in peer-reviewed journals. She has also given many briefings and presentations on federal compensation and retirement systems and their effect on behavior to senior policymakers including members of Congress, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) and the Secretaries of the Armed Services (Army, Navy, Air Force).