Angela Hung

Senior Economist; Director, Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making

Angela Hung (Ph.D., Social Science, California Institute of Technology) is a Senior Economist and Director of the Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making at RAND. She was previously an assistant professor of economics and public policy at the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University and an affiliate of the Carnegie Mellon Center for Behavioral Decision Research. Her work in behavioral economics began with her dissertation in which she develops a dynamic programming model of consumption of addictive substances. Her model uses findings from neurobiology and psychology to inform the specification of this dynamic process by which individuals may become dependent on addictive substances. She has also studied the relationship between time preferences and crime propensity using alternative conceptions of present-orientation (Pogarsky, Hung, Babcock, and Wu, 2003). Her research in experimental economics focuses on the circumstances under which an individual’s decision-making process is affected by observing the behavior of others (Hung and Plott, 2001; Dominitz and Hung, 2004).