Vocational Rehabilitation Potential for Early Intervention

Published: 2011
Project ID: UM11-03


We will use data from the Ticket Research File matched to the Master Earnings File and the Rehabilitation Services Administration 911 file to conduct exploratory analysis on SSDI entry for state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency clients who were disability insured. These clients were not yet in SSDI when first determined to be eligible for VR services. Our analysis will include national and state descriptive statistics on SSDI entry after VR service entry in each year from 1996 through 2005, the duration from VR eligibility to SSDI entry, and comparison of individual characteristics, VR services, and status at VR closure for SSDI entrants and non-entrants. Time permitting, we will estimate exploratory hazard models for duration to SSDI entry. We will also conduct a policy forum on this topic in Washington, DC. Findings from this study can be used to develop hazard models for SSDI entry and the relative predictive influence of individual, environmental, and programmatic factors.