Using the 2008 CPS-ASEC-SSA Matched Data Set to Show Who Is and Is Not Captured in the Official BLS Six-Question Sequence on Disability

Published: 2012
Project ID: UM12-14


With 2008 CPS-ASEC-SSA administrative records data, we will measure the degree that work-limitation-based and six-question disability sequence-based samples of the working-age population with disabilities capture the SSDI/SSI-disabled adult population. Using other variables on the SSA files (medical listing, stage at acceptance or rejection, etc.), we will show the characteristics of those systematically missed.  This research, which is an extension of Burkhauser, Houtenville, and Tennant (2011a), will provide policymakers with a face validity test of the official BLS six-question-sequence’s ability to capture an unbiased sample of the working-age population with disabilities and its employment and SSDI/SSI take-up rates.