Understanding the Social Security Communication Needs of Hispanics with Limited English Language Proficiency

Published: 2023
Project ID: UM23-09


According to United States census data, there are approximately 20 million adults with limited English proficiency (LEP) in the country, of whom more than 65% are Spanish speakers. This study aims to provide initial insights into the Social Security communications needs and preferences of Spanish-speaking LEP citizens. We propose to conduct a mixed-methods study that combines qualitative data collection with survey data analysis. We will analyze existing data from the Understanding America Study panel to compare the Social Security knowledge of Hispanic respondents with LEP versus other Hispanics and the general population. Using these other groups as comparisons, we will determine the areas where their knowledge is lacking, the channels through which they acquire information, and their preferences for obtaining such information. We will then conduct eight focus groups with Spanish-speakers with LEP to deepen our understanding of their perceived Social Security information needs and preferences for effective information channels, sources, and approaches.