Are 40l(k) Saving Rates Changing? Cohort/Period Evidence from the HRS

Published: 2007
Project ID: UM07-05


This research will examine the determinants of participation in 401(k) plans and the rate of saving among participants, using two cross-sections of data from the Health and Retirement Study on workers ages 51-56 representing two cohorts: the original HRS cohort (born 1931-41) and the newly-added Early Baby Boomer (EBB) cohort (born 1948-53).  We will examine whether cohort differences combined with a changing pension environment have affected 401(k) saving since the early 1990s. We will also compare self-reported and restricted Social Security data on earnings and 401(k) contributions for 1992 and 2004 to determine the extent of misreporting and potential bias in self-reported data.