Addition to the RAND HRS Longitudinal Files: IRA Withdrawals in the HRS, 2000-2016

Published: 2018
Project ID: UM18-Q3


IRAs are widely held: 54 percent of married persons and 32 percent of single persons reported owning such accounts. Withdrawals from IRAs could be an important financial resource to fund consumption in retirement. Even though data on such withdrawals has been collected in the Health and Retirement Study, little research has focused on withdrawals because the data on them has not been added to the RAND HRS, which, because of its ease of use, is the data source used almost universally by the research community. In this project we will add to the RAND HRS data files IRA withdrawals from the HRS waves covering years 2000 to 2016, including, where appropriate, imputation for missing values, and including full documentation to the high standards of the RAND HRS.