Adding New Variables to the RAND HRS Longitudinal File to Better Support Research on Disability

Published: 2021
Project ID: UM21-Q3


In September 2020, the MRDRC held a data development workshop on “Disability Research with the Health and Retirement Study,” where researchers highlighted the importance and richness of the HRS for the study of disability, but identified some challenges to using the available information effectively. Many participants emphasized the value of the RAND HRS to their research. It has, for example, a longitudinal structure and large set of covariates. The workshop produced some concrete suggestions for new variables to add to the RAND HRS Longitudinal File to further facilitate and increase the use of HRS data in disability research. Having consulted several researchers from the workshop, HRS leadership, and our expert RAND HRS programmers, we propose to add to the RAND HRS by implementing the suggested additions, measuring change in Supplemental Security Insurance and Social Security Disability Insurance application status since the last interview and documenting our methods.



Susann Rohwedder