The Dynamic Effects of Health on the Employment of Older Workers: Impacts by Gender, Education and Race

We will estimate the long run impacts of health on employment by gender, education, and race in the United States and United Kingdom. Our structural framework allows us to disentangle employment drivers such as preferences, productivity, and benefit eligibility. We…

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Estimating the Impact of Missing Totalization Agreements

The number of international social security agreements (totalization agreements) signed by the U.S. is significantly smaller than the number signed by other countries such as Canada and the U.K. This paper aims to estimate the impact of the missing totalization…

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Public Pension Design and Household Retirement Decisions: A Comparison of the United States and Germany

Social Security provides retirement benefits to age-eligible workers and their spouses. Benefits are permanently increased if initial receipt is delayed. For benefits paid to spouses, these incentives reflect a complex interaction of the worker’s and spouse’s earnings histories, benefit claiming…

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