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Previous Migration Experience and Legal Immigration Status among Intending Mexican Migrants to the United States

We examine the size and composition of flows of Mexican migrants intending to cross the border and enter the United States. We focus on two characteristics which relate to eligibility for Social Security retirement benefits: legal immigration status and prior…

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Uncovering the Relationship between Real Interest Rates and Economic Growth

  • June 14, 2018
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We analyze long-span data on real interest rates and productivity growth with the focus on estimating their long-run correlation. The evidence points to a moderately negative correlation, meaning that real interest ratesĀ are mildly countercyclical, although the estimates are not precise.…

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Health Insurance and Retirement Decisions

We develop a rich model to study the complex interrelationship between health insurance and retirement decisions. The decision to retire depends on a number of factors including availability of health insurance, health shocks, pensions, Social Security, and how consumption and…

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Social Security Benefit Claiming and Medicare Utilization

Are early Social Security claimers too sick to work? We linked Health and Retirement Study data to Medicare claims to study health care utilization at ages 65 and 70. We find that Social Security Disability Insurance recipients use more health…

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