Imperfect Knowledge, Retirement and Saving

IB 2001-012, UM00-08

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance

IB 2001-011, UM00-06


Health Limitations and Early Retirement

IB 2000-Q2, UM99-Q2

Personal Accounts and Social Security Reform

IB 2000-Q1, UM99-Q1

Retirement Responses to Early Social Security Benefit Reductions

IB 2000-006, UM99-01

How Effective Is Redistribution Under The Social Security Benefit Formula?

IB 2000-005, UM99-04

Traditional economic models treat the household as a single individual, and do not allow for separate preferences of and possible conflicts of interest between husbands and wives. Since wives are typically younger than their husbands and life expectancy for women…