Medicaid Insurance and Redistribution in Old Age

Personality Traits and Economic Preparation for Retirement

Behavioral Effects of Social Security Policies on Benefit Claiming, Retirement and Saving

Does Delay Cause Decay? The Effect of Administrative Decision Time on the Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Disability Applicants

Using the 2009 CPS-ASEC-SSA Matched Dataset to Show Who Is and Is Not Captured in the Official Six-Question Sequence on Disability

Tax Elasticity of Labor Earnings for Older Individuals

Tax Elasticity of Labor Earnings for Older Individuals

Barriers to Later Retirement: Increases in the Full Retirement Age, Age Discrimination, and the Physical Challenges of Work


Does Disability Insurance Receipt Discourage Work? Using Examiner Assignment to Estimate Causal Effects of SSDI Receipt

We present the first estimates of the causal effects of SSDI receipt on labor supply that are generalizable to the entire population of program entrants in the present day system. We take advantage of a unique workload management database to…

Personality and Response to the Financial Crisis

Lifecycle Impacts of the Financial and Economic Crisis on Household Optimal Consumption, Portfolio Choice, and Labor Supply